Barber shop/Salon rotating light pole (wall mounted-plug in)
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Barber shop/Salon rotating light pole (wall mounted-plug in)

Vendor: Nairobi Lights

Total Length: 65cm, Diameter: 30cm*23cm, Silver body color

rotating light color : White+Blue+Red

plug in

  • DURABLE: It is made of ABS and has been electroplated. It also has a polycarbonate high transparent lampshade that is impact and UV resistant, non-yellowing, beautiful and non-rusting stainless steel fixed rod, and a lamp that does not fade over time. It is a vibrant and eye-catching barber pole that rotates with light
  • LONG LASTING: It has a permanent magnet synchronous motor that is expected to last a long time and produce little noise. It also has a bright and long-lasting LED light source
  • WEATHER PROOF : The product is completely sealed and can withstand rainstorms. At the bottom, there is an air hole. Suggested to perform a downward installation. Switches can be used for indoor use and removed for outdoor use. A professional electrician is recommended for installation.